mandag den 29. april 2013


Relationship - what's it all about?
Opposites attract - not always as obvious as here!
We fall in love with a person that has qualitities that complete us, we often feel. The obvious ones are the qualities that we like. Underneath are the ones that we can learn from, and that can make us more whole as a person. Our partner also possess qualities that we don't like at first sight; in order for the relationship to survive, we have to come to terms with them, embrace them, over time even appreciate them ... that way we grow.
A relationship also triggers all our own limitations, this gives you the opportunity to heal yourself and be more whole. Relationship is the fastest way to enlightenment, if you pick up all the situations and use them as an opportunity to heal and grow. So a relationship is always about you! But we are so used to look at others and judge their behaviors, instead of looking into ourselves, heal, and grow.

Made April 29th 2013 in Skælskør, Denmark.

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