onsdag den 20. marts 2013


Monika Kretschmar from Inner Voice Village - Community Center for Inner Voice Drawing asked the community to participate with a picture or experience from using the Inner Voice Drawing Technique, where you asked yourself the question: "What does self-empowerment mean to me?" Then close your eyes, and without anticipating the outcome of the drawing, give yourself over to the free flow from your unconscious. Let the wisdom of your higher self take over. Draw like this for about 2 minutes, then open your eyes and continue to finish the drawing with your eyes open.

I took on the challenge, and this is what came out of it! A drawing about drawing! Unfolding my creativity gives me right now lots of power, fun, joy, happiness, love ... it makes me bring up old and new feelings that I express through drawing, and then I experience that the drawings influence me back, to have a look of what's going on inside of me right now. So really inspirational!
I myself becomes a tool/instrument of inspiration that comes from my spirit. (Head looks like a brush)

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